What is an Engineer?

An Engineer is a person who has scientific training and designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, systems or public works.  There are over 200 types of engineers, but the main branches are: 

Civil Engineer – Plan, manage super big building projects: anything from airports, to skyscrapers, and entirely new town/city. 

Electrical Engineer – Design, develop new electrical equipment, or when that equipment goes wrong, they try and solve the problem. 

Mechanical Engineer  - Design and build machinery to address a certain specific problem. 

Chemical Engineer – Designs the processes and machineries required for the large-scale production of chemicals. 

Industrial Engineer – Design, develop and manage processes  in order to achieve greater efficiency. 


Most engineering job require a college degree and a professional license/certification.  Depending on the function, it may require specific experience, knowledge, certification in certain industry for example, oil and gas, mining, or telecommunication or sometimes even specific machinery such as heavy equipment machinery.