Male or female

Graduated from College

2 years min. experience





Job Description:

A dietary cook is generally responsible for providing meals that are nutritious and appetizing to their clients. The meals need to be carefully handled, prepared correctly, and served at the right temperature and in correct serving sizes. They are also responsible for checking their organization's menu daily and ensuring that preparation for the upcoming meals have been completed. Additionally, the dietary cook must ensure that all cooking supplies and dishware are properly cleaned, which includes making a schedule to ensure this is accomplished.

The dietary cook position may be physically demanding, with the individual being expected to stand and walk for the majority of the shift. Temperatures may vary widely in the kitchen environment and may become very hot, and the dietary cook must be able to work under this environment. This is normally a full time job that takes place in health and rehabilitation centers or similar environments. Dietary cooks must have a knowledge of cooking, including knowing how to cook many portions of food at one time. Knowledge of how to interpret diet charts and maintain portion control are very important. Generally a high school diploma is required along with at least one year of experience in long-term health care or a similar environment. A dietary cook must also be able to communicate effectively with residents, families, and the facility staff

Dietary Cook Tasks

Prepare and cook food for patients, employees and visitors.
Monitor food service for nutritional, safety, sanitation and quality standards.
Research food and beverage costs and assist in implementing cost control and waste management procedures.
Clean and inspect equipment, appliances, and work areas in order to ensure cleanliness and functional operation.
Prepare major meals by following recipes, determining food quantities and following meal time schedules.

Contact Person: Fahad Lungcathay

Contact Number: 09268039266

Agency Name: Stellar Aces Overseas Intl Inc

Principal/Project: Fit Restaurant

Location: Alkharj City, Saudi Arabia

Salary: 2,800

Number of Vacancies: 4

Contract term (in months): 48