Graduated from high school

1 year min experience




Prof. Driver's license/docs



Professional Services

Job Description:

The company driver is assigned various duties, tasks, and responsibilities at the different organizations where they work.

Here is an example of a company driver job description you will likely be handed if newly employed:

Load and unload organization’s merchandize
Precisely finish all paper work connected with conveyance of merchandize
Transport products, materials, and staff securely to areas where they are needed
Guarantee that products and staff are protected and secured
Answer clients’ inquiries as brilliantly as could be allowed
Ensure timely conveyance of staff and materials to and from places as instructed by supervisor or the manager
Ensure that vehicles are kept perfect and clean at all times by washing both the inside and outside parts of the vehicle
Carry out routine checks on vehicles and ensure they are sound
Recognize electrical and mechanical faults and report to the employer or technician
Report any instance of mishap or accident to the dispatcher or supervisor
Perform periodic maintenance on vehicles, such as changing batteries and motor oil at appropriate time, as well as refueling the car(s).
Report any case of accident, injury or damage of vehicles to the supervisor or manager
Keep all records, including receipts for vehicle maintenance
Keep up a travel log to record areas travelled to, travel time, and work hours
Perform some other undertakings like shopping, dropping and picking clothing, getting lunch, and running errands
Pay tolls and other fundamental vehicle demands
Dress professionally and in accordance with company’s dress code.

Contact Person: Mia / Tuano

Contact Number: 09175702503

Agency Name: Starborne International Promotions & Manpower Corp

Principal/Project: Casablanca Hotel

Location: KSA, Saudi Arabia

Number of Vacancies: 10

Contract term (in months): 24