Completed graduate studies

3 years min. experience

Requires professional license


Certificates and Diploma



Job Description:

Job Descriptions:

> Coordinate with various departments and prepare structural plans for efficient construction layout.
> Administer various public work projects and prepare all engineering technical specification with help of ETABS.
> Prepare various 2D and 3D plans for all projects and ensure optimal use of all CAD tools in making draft.
> Maintain and perform reverse engineering data acquisition for 3D scanner, 2D machine drawings and CAD modeling.
> Assist departments to prepare engineering sketches for all client proposals and maintain records of all engineering drawings to provide appropriate figures.
> Collaborate with various departments to prepare bill of materials and schedule for all engineering projects and prepare all formal drawings transmittals.
> Analyze all drafts for project in coordination with project personnel and revise all drawings as per client requirement.
> Manage various projects for utilities such as general site improvements and draft all property maps.
> Assist all departments to prepare all proposals and tenders.


> Male; not more than 50 years old.
> Graduate of ECE in any reputable schools and universities.
> At least with 5 years minimum working experience in the same field.
> Willing to work within the vicinity area of KSA.
> Can communicate in English (Verbal and Written).
> Can handle pressures and stress handling staff's.

Contact Person: Arvin C. Bartido

Contact Number: 812-4264

Agency Name: Stellar Aces Overseas Intl Inc

Principal/Project: Beijing Emirates Construction

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Salary: 80,000

Number of Vacancies: 5

Contract term (in months): 24