Graduated from high school

2 years min. experience


Personal Resume

Employment Certificates

Copy of Passport


Hospitality and Food Industry

Job Description:

The Shift Supervisor is the ultimate responsible for every process that takes place in the store during his shift. This responsibility includes Inventory, Sales, Shop Appearance, Staff members, customer service, and communication. The responsibility of the Shift Supervisor towards these areas is to move them forward to meet the management goals, using the available tools, and without violating any of the company’s policies. The Shift Supervisor represents the Store Manager in being the direct responsible for the Baristas, and any other non-management staff members working in the store permanently or temporarily. The responsibility towards the staff members is to delegate the tasks for them according to their Job Descriptions and Roles and Responsibilities to ensure all the store operations and being performed properly. The Shift Supervisor reports to the Store Manager/Assistant Manager, who reports to the Area Supervisor.

Contact Person: Richard

Contact Number: 09361106271

Agency Name: Rm Advent Global Services Inc

Principal/Project: KEDEN International

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Number of Vacancies: 4

Contract term (in months): 24