Graduated from high school




Hospitality and Food Industry

Job Description:

For interested applicants, you may send your application to my email [email protected] for evaluation or contact me to 09167353231 / 09286913127 Look to Ms. Reina.

- They perform all the tasks in the kitchen other than cooking and serving
- They are the ones responsible for the hygiene of the kitchen and they have to clean so the kitchen remains clean before the surprise inspections
- They prep the kitchen before the chefs arrive to cook
- They have to remove the required ingredients from the pantry and have to clean and cut the vegetables in advance
- They have to assist the chefs if they require help
- They have to fill up the positions of the absent staff and complete their duties
- They have to report to the kitchen manager or the head chef
- They have to train any new members of the kitchen staff regarding the work culture of the kitchen
- They have to clean all the equipment that is used in the kitchen
- They should not divulge any information about the kitchen to any outsiders

Contact Person: Ms. REINA

Contact Number: 9167353231

Agency Name: Light & Hope Overseas Placement Agency Inc.

Principal/Project: AMERICANA QUALITY

Location: SAUDI ARABIA, Saudi Arabia

Salary: 18,000

Number of Vacancies: 300

Contract term (in months): 24