The OFWs’ Guide to Bank Savings Accounts

Kevin Hernandez is an IT professional currently based in Abu Dhabi.

“There are a lot of things to prepare before leaving the country and I may have missed the most important one.” Kevin shares; the most important being a good savings account.

While he’d had months to prepare for his departure, a savings account that would be suited for being used abroad alluded him. “I thought my regular savings account would be enough, but I was wrong.” Savings accounts geared towards OFWs have special features that will make life abroad easier; among those features are remittance partners, discounts for OFWs in particular and a competitive interest and exchange rate when sending money to and from abroad.

“My life could have been so much easier. I’d have to travel miles to get to a manual remittance service to get a smaller fee charged for sending money back, while my friends could easily transfer funds to their families online.”

Back when he first moved to Abu Dhabi, the list of bank accounts geared for the OFW has grown in number and in features as well. These days, bank accounts differ in what they offer and is suited depending on the what each individual is looking for.

Check out our OFW’s Guide to Bank Savings Accounts: