Requirements for direct hires to work abroad

You have gotten a offer to work abroad directly from a foreign employer. You are very excited for this opportunity and accepted it. Now, do you know what steps to take after accepting the job offer? If you don’t know, then do not worry. In this article, you will understand what requirements you need to get in order to make this offer valid and approved and secure your workabroad.

1. First is to get your employment contract notarized. To do this, sign 3 copies of your employment contract and send it to your employer. Ask the HR department to notarize it with a local court in the country where you’ll work abroad. Once notarized, you should ask for one copy to be sent to you for your documentation.

*Also take note that a repatriation clause must be included in the contract to avoid any problems in the next processes.

2. Next is to authenticate both your school records and work documents. School records include transcript of records and diploma (bring both photocopy and original copy). Submit it to your school for “certified true copy” stamp, to CHED and to DFA.

For work documents, you need to get your employment certificate stamped from notary public, submit to Regional Trial Court then to DFA for authentication.

3. Once you have received all your documents from DFA, you can now submit it to the embassy. Before you submit, do not forget to put documentary stamps in the designated boxes. Also, make sure you have photocopies of all your documents. You then claim your documents also from the embassy.

4. Now you have to get your work permit. Contact your foreign employer and submit the authenticated documents to them. The HR department must file and send you the work permit. This process may take a while.

5. After getting your work permit, you can now apply for a work visa (check the embassy on what requirements they ask for and which clinics are accredited for the medical certificate). Prepare also for the interview.

6. After you get your work visa, you can now apply at POEA for an OEC. Refer to “How to get an OEC for Direct Hire OFWs” to find out more.