Ins and outs of OFW Medical Exam

Every OFW must undergo a medical exam in order to determine if they are fit to work before leaving the country. This is usually taken only by OFWs that have passed the interview and have an employment contract already. The last hurdle that stands in their way to working abroad is the medical exam result.

The medical exam required differs depending on the country of destination and the agency you applied in. For countries belonging to the Gulf region (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates), the medical exam should be done in GAMCA accredited clinics only (please refer to “Medical check-up for GCC states bound OFWs” page regarding this). Also, make sure to ask your agency which accredited clinic you should go to as there are agencies that only accepts results from specific clinics.

In a medical exam, the types of tests you would undergo are the laboratory exam (urine, fecal, etc), physical examination and psychological test. For these exams, it would cost around Php2500 to Php3000. Moreover, additional charges (around Php2000) may apply such as for dental operations or more blood tests so make sure to bring some extra money to avoid going back another day. A tip for this is try to be prepared before you take the actual exam. Going to another dentist to fix your teeth problems or following the number of hours of fasting may help reduce your cost from additional operations and tests.

Lastly, some things to remember regarding the medical exam.

1. The medical exam certificate should be available in at most a week from taking the exam.

2. Always ask for the receipt whenever you pay the clinic for any operation or service.

3. Make sure the clinic is accredited by DOH and POEA (GAMCA for GCC states).

4. The medical exam certificate is only valid for 90 days or 3 months. Make sure you time it well or wait for the agency to tell you to take it so that you can avoid retaking the exam.