How to get NC II for Household Service Workers

If you are planning to work abroad as a household service worker, you will need to get a NC II from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as part of your requirements in getting an OEC. There will be an assessment to see whether you can perform the functions of a household service worker. Follow the steps below on how to apply, get assessed and get the certificate.


*If you already have adequate experience as a household service worker, you may skip this part and go directly to assessment.

1. Enroll in a training program for household service workers. To make sure that it is valid, check if the program is registered with TESDA and if they are authorized to offer it. In order to check, you may visit a TESDA office or the TESDA website:

2. If the training center is authorized, pay for the fees and do not forget to ask for a receipt for all payments you make.

3. Once the training is completed, the training center must issue you a certificate of completion.


1. Get an endorsement letter from your recruitment agency and present it to the assessment center.

2. Once approved, you will take the performance assessment wherein you will be asked to perform the core competencies of a household service worker (cleaning of rooms, washing and ironing clothes, etc.)

3. If you have some experience as a household service worker abroad already, you can do the portfolio assessment instead wherein you will just need to submit evidences of this such as former work contract, certification from your past employers, etc. for evaluation.

4. When you go for an assessment in an accredited assessment center, there is a Php1,000 assessment fee. Again, do not forget to ask for a receipt whenever you pay a fee. Retaking the assessment in case of failing the first one requires you to pay Php1,000 again.

5. When you pass the assessment, the assessment center will recommend you to receive a national certification from TESDA.


1. If you are recommended to receive the national certification, you must pay Php100 to the TESDA office with jurisdiction on the assessment center.

2. Upon payment, you will receive an official receipt and the NC II for household service workers.

3. The certificate is valid for 5 years and it must be presented to POEA along with the other requirements in order to get an OEC.

TESDA Hotline: 887-7777

TESDA Main Office Address: TESDA Complex Gate 2, East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig City