How to get an OEC for Direct Hire OFWs for work abroad

All OFWs go through a certain process in order to get their documents and apply for a job. There are also steps that they have to accomplish before they can leave the country, most importantly getting their Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). The problem is, most OFWs are not informed and gets confused on these processes.

The process an OFW goes through is different whether he/she applied for a job through a recruitment agency or getting directly hired by a foreign employer. It is important to know which documents to get, how much these costs, and where to go. In this guide, a detailed explanation is given on how a Direct Hire gets an OEC from POEA.

1. Registration – Register at Window 6 (Skilled/Professional Workers) or Window 14 (Household Workers) and get a number. Sit and wait for your number to be called.

2. When your number is called, proceed to the designated counter (6, 7, 8 for skilled/professional workers and 13 or 14 for household workers). Submit (original and photocopy) the following documents for verification. Wait for these to be returned to you along with the medical and PDOS referral.


Valid Passport

Employment Contract

Valid Working Visa

2×2 photo

3. Attend the PDOS seminar and Medical exam (in any order):

a. Proceed to OWWA to schedule and get a slot for the PDOS seminar as there are certain times and number of spots available per day.

Cost: Registration fee of Php400

Receive: PDOS Certificate, CPDEP Certificate (for household workers, another seminar required)

b. Choose an accredited clinic and take the medical exam there.

Cost: Approximately Php2,500 but additional exams/operations such as dental service may be needed (up to around Php2,500 more)

Receive: Fit to Work Medical Certificate

c. For household workers, additional certification are required. Check the page on “How to get NC II for Household Service Workers” for information on how to get these.

4. Go back to POEA (window 9 for skilled/professional workers and window 12 for household workers). Submit the verified documents along with the certificates you received for final approval.


Valid Passport

Employment Contract

Valid Working Visa

PDOS Certificate

CPDEP Certificate (for household workers)

Fit to Work Medical Certificate

Receive: Order of Payment

5. Go to window 8 for the release of your original documents with RFP number

Receive: Original documents

6. Go to window I (ground floor) for assessment of payment. Pay at window J.


USD100 – POEA processing fee

USD25 – OWWA membership

Php2,400 – PhilHealth (one year coverage)

Receive: E-receipt

Hope this prepares you for when you apply for an OEC.