How to find a job to work abroad?

Most of us do not want to leave the Philippines. We want to stay close to our family, we are more accustomed to our culture and we are familiar to the laws governing us. However, we cannot deny the fact that there are better opportunities in working abroad. There are more job openings compared to the Philippines and working abroad also pay really well. Now the question is, how do we find a job abroad?

There are different channels in which you can find a job overseas.

1. Recruitment Agencies

Over the years, there are more and more recruitment agencies that are serving the OFW market. They have foreign clients that passes to them the job openings and they advertise and post these both online and in their offices. This is one of the easiest ways in finding a job to work abroad, but you have to be wary of potential illegal recruiters. To check which agencies are valid and where they can be found, visit the “POEA Accredited Agencies” page.

2. Online job postings

There are many job sites and they have thousands of job postings for working abroad everyday. You can easily find the job you like by searching for it and applying online. Most recruitment agencies also post in job sites. If you have limited time and want to save on costs, you can visit and view their job openings online first before going to their offices.

3. Print ads

Job postings can also be found in newspapers, magazines, posters, flyers and more. Just look for the section that contains the job listings for workabroad openings in newspapers or magazines and find the job you are qualified for. You can also visit areas with a lot of recruitment agencies, where posters are everywhere and flyers are distributed.

4. Direct Hire

You can also visit the foreign employers’ sites directly to look for possible career opportunities. You can apply directly to them and avoid paying placement fees to agencies, but you will also do all of the processing and documentation without the help of an agency.

5. Referrals

You can ask fellow OFWs already working abroad regarding agencies that are trusted and have job openings. This saves you the hassle of looking for reliable agencies. Another aspect and the more effective one is getting referred by a fellow OFW to the foreign employer. If the current OFW is performing well, there is a higher chance that the employer will consider you. This could be a direct hire as the employer knows you or through an agency if that employer is partnered with one.

6. Government

The government, especially the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, can help you in finding a job. You can visit their site or go to their office directly to see what job orders are available.

Hope this article helped you in finding a job. Always remember to check if the agency and the foreign employer are valid and that their job orders passed through and are approved by POEA.