Location, Culture and Pinoys in Dubai


Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates, or often referred to as U.A.E., is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, the entrance to the Persian Gulf.  It is an easy starting point for travels in the Middle East with its rich history and culture that people can explore and experience.


Interesting facts:

1. Weekend is Friday to Saturday

2. In 2013, UAE ranked 2nd highest destination for land based OFWs

3. There are no street addresses in Dubai. Most people use PO box to receive letters.

Several restaurants and bars, as well as tourists hotels,  serve alcohol, except in Sharjah. Purchase of alcohol requires obtainment of an alcohol license, as proof of being a non-Muslim yet is often overlooked in emirates of Dubai, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

Pinoys in Dubai

Over 700,000 Filipinos are currently living in the UAE, with approximately 450,000 of which are residing in Dubai.

The industries where most OFWs work in include architecture, construction, cargo shipping, design engineering, energy, information technology, marketing, medical, real estate, retail, telecommunications, tourism, and domestic helpers, with a US$400 set as minimum salary monthly.