Location, Culture and Pinoys in Brunei


Brunei is a small, but very wealthy sovereign state in Southeast Asia. It only has a population of less than 500,000. Brunei developed its wealth from petroleum and natural gas fields, which also made them the 5th richest nation out of 182. It is surrounded by Malaysia and is strategically located, having an exclusive economic fishing zone.


Interesting facts:

1. Following Singapore, Brunei has the second highest Human Development Index throughout Southeast Asia.

2. Shaking hands with the opposite sex isn’t part of the traditional practices among Bruneians.

3. When coming into someone else’s house, Bruneians always remove their shoes.

Brunei is an Islamic state, banning alcohol and even meat that are not certified “halal”. In their new law, non-fasting people are allowed to take-out food and eat in private to show their respect, especially during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Pinoys in Brunei

There are more than 20,000 Filipinos living and working in Brunei. Around 12% are professionals such as nurses, engineers, and doctors. Another 12% consist of skilled workers such as carpenters and technicians. 24% are domestic helpers, and the majority are semi-skilled workers. Bruneians like Filipino workers because they can quickly adapt to the language, dependable, skilled and especially for nurses, they are known to be more caring.