Where to get a taste of home in Dubai?

Working abroad for a long time can easily make one homesick. We'd miss the comfort of having family and friends around, miss our house, our usual routine, and most especially the food. Pinoys have been raised to be accustomed to the flavors of Filipino food that wherever we go, we always seek our many condiments, and of course a bowl of rice. It's not easy being in another country where Filipino food is scarce. OFWguru sought out where Pinoys can get their Filipino food fix in Dubai.

The real Jollibee in Dubai Mall

Who can forget their first bite of Chicken Joy, their teeth biting into the crispy fried chicken skin then sinking into the tender meat? Jollibee is a symbol of Filipino cuisine worldwide. Whenever someone is asked what they know about Filipino food, they will immediately respond with Jollibee. It's no surprise that when the real Jollibee opened in Dubai Mall, there was a long line eager to order staples like burger steak and Jollibee spaghetti. It is described as “real” because there were two establishments that named themselves Jollibee and attempted to serve a similar menu. With the success, Jollibee plans to open several branches all over Dubai, giving Pinoys who workabroad access to the very famous fast food chain.

Fiesta Pinoy in Al Rigga

Fiesta Pinoy is a Filipino buffet where Pinoys or Pinoy food lovers eat Filipino favorites to their heart's content. Dishes are traditional Filipino fare like laing, chicken tinola, embutido, pancit and beef pochero among others. Fiesta Pinoy is located in Al Rigga, a popular hangout spot for OFWs. You can find groups of people eating out until late at night, probably resting off a hearty meal at Fiesta Pinoy.

Pita Restaurant near Burjaman Station

A steamy hot bowl of Bulalo is something we all crave for. Filipinos even drive from Manila to Tagaytay just for a good bowl of the beef tendon stew. OFWs in Dubai don't have to dream of Bulalo as they can head to Pita in Burjaman Metro Station for a giant serving. Pita is run by Filipinos for Filipinos. When you enter, you'll feel like you've stepped into a karinderia in your barrio, with OPM songs in the background. If you're not craving for Bulalo, Pita serves other dishes you'd find in a karinderia like tortang talong, fresh lumpia, Bicol express and sweet and sour fish to name a few.

Barrio Fiesta in Burjaman Center

Who hasn't heard of Barrio Fiesta? It's a restaurant synonymous with celebration, food and people, a total fiesta. OFWs in Dubai can experience the same festive dining in Burjaman Center Mall. Barrio Fiesta serves Filipino fare like bagoong rice, ginataang sitaw at kalabasa and nilagang bulalo as well as tons of other Pinoy staples.

McDavids Restaurant in Burjaman Metro Station

It's hard not to notice McDavid's Restaurant and Bakeshop inside the Burjaman Metro Station. The sign itself looks like McDonald’s, colors yellow and red are seen throughout the establishment, even on hanging balloons. The food is served cafeteria style, with dishes like fish fillet, burger steak and pinakbet on display for your eyes and nose to taste before you order. Aside from this, McDavid's offers unlimited rice, which reminds Pinoys who workabroad of the Philippines. McDavid's bakery sells pastries like mamon and Spanish bread just like bake shops scattered all over the Philippines.

Max's Restaurant in Karama

Everyone in the Philippines knows about Max's Restaurant and their crispy fried chicken. Max’s Restaurant is open in Karama near the Karama station. Aside from the fried chicken, Pinoys who workabroad seeking the taste of home has the Max menu at their arsenal. They serve everything from sinigang, lumping shanghai and buko pandan. It's as if you're back at home, eating at your favorite local branch. Max can even deliver your comfort food straight to your home.

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