The Top 4 Job Sectors in Qatar for OFWs

Qatar is the fourth-largest destination for Overseas Filipino Workers in the world. With an estimated population of 200,000 Filipinos, job hiring in Qatar can be competitive. Jobs in Qatar have been steadily decreasing due to legal complaints or the lack of new projects for OFWs. 2015 marks a year where a ton of new job opportunities will open up to Filipinos seeking jobs in Qatar. This is brought out by the rising economy of Qatar and the new big projects such as Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Here are the 4 big job sectors in Qatar for OFWs who plans to workabroad.

1. Household Service Workers

Qatar’s demand for Filipino household service workers (HSWs) will only grow with the news that the Indonesian government plans to halt sending HSWs to 21 Middle Eastern countries including Qatar. While there was a big decrease in Filipino HSWs in 2013, 2014 and 2015 looks a lot brighter with the increase of Filipino coming to Qatar. This can be attributed to Qatar households complying with the minimum $400 monthly salary for Filipino HSWs mandated by the Philippine government. While there are small issues regarding the treatment of Filipino HSWs by their employers, Qatar is in the process of finalizing the draft law to protect HSWs since February 2015. This is done to ensure that only deserving and respectful employers hire Filipino HSWs and decrease the number of Filipino HSWs returning to the Philippines due to employer treatment.

2. Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector in Qatar is one of the fastest growing job industries with the 20-year Qatar Health Facilities Master Plan (QHFMP). They have plans to build 48 new health care facilities by 2020, with 22 of these projected to be done by 2016. The new health infrastructures include 31 health centers, 8 diagnostic and treatment units, 2 long-term care facilities, a new general hospital, a new specialty hospital and five hospital expansion plans. The Supreme Council of Health in Qatar is currently recruiting staff nurses and dental assistants from the Philippines. With the number of nurse and dental graduates coming from the Philippines, the population of these working in the Qatar health sector is growing. Jobs remain plentiful and there remains a strong demand for Filipino employees because of the level of education they get in the Philippines.

3. Tourism

Qatar’s growing and dynamic economy will only lead to the growth of the tourism industry.  A driving force for this is that Doha will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. To prepare for this, the Qatar Tourism Authority has reported to invest $20 billion in tourism and infrastructure development, with the budget allocated for 45,000 additional hotel rooms for FIFA’s capacity of 60,000 rooms. To prepare for the influx of tourists, there are more and more tourist attractions being built, aside from the hotels and retails establishments. Besides the increase in the building of the energy sector, Qatar would need an increase in their human resource. Filipinos are their prime target for hires to workabroad with their reputation for being hospitable.

4. Construction/Engineering

Construction is the best industry to be looking at moving forward to 2016 for Filipinos looking for jobs in Qatar. With new developments in healthcare, tourism and transportation, more and more infrastructures are being built to accommodate these needs. One of the biggest projects would be the Red Line phase of the Metro Rail with an estimated hiring of 3000 workers. Further, the Qatar Tourism Authority states that Qatar’s Public Works Authority will invest $30 Billion on several construction projects in the next 5 to 7 years, which include the Lusail Expressway, drainage and sewerage projects, public roads, as well as, schools.

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