Jul 28

Meet OFW YouTube Personality Junie Sorsano

By OFWguru on Jul 28, 2015

Moving to a new country, starting fresh with little knowledge of how your life will go can be daunting. For most, it’s their first time on a plane, and when they land, it’s all a mystery. Hundreds of questions fill their heads as soon as they are waiting for their bus with a suitcase in hand. Whe... Read more
Jul 28
It can be difficult living thousands of miles away from your family and friends, but with the ease of social media, you can simply share snapshots of your life with loved ones back home in pertinent detail while working abroad. The rampant use of social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram i... Read more
Oct 09

Getting to Know Mompreneur Mitchteryosa

By OFWguru on Oct 09, 2015

Mitch Carvalho is the owner of mitchteryosa.com, a site that features a variety of content such as parenting, OFW stories, beauty and fashion, home improvement and many more. She first created the site to document her first born’s antics and growing years. She is a mompreneur, having 2 lovely dau... Read more
Oct 23

The Kwentuhero from the Middle East

By OFWguru on Oct 23, 2015

James de la Cruz, also known as kwentuhero, is the owner of OFW sa Disyerto, a blogspot for OFWs. He is an OFW in the Middle East. He started working abroad when he was 24 and he went through the hardships that many Filipinos living in other countries experience. Despite the hardships, there were... Read more