New Zealand is a definite dream destination for most OFWs who are looking to work abroad. Cities like Auckland and Christchurch are a haven for overseas workers, with a well developed city-structure, interesting culture and numerous jobs in New Zealand for Filipino. Why then is New Zealand not at... Read more
Have you ever thought of working abroad as an OFW? Does it excite you that not only will you receive a good salary, but you will also experience what life is in another country? On the other hand, you also don’t know what to expect in terms of their culture and way of life, so you aren’t sure if ... Read more
Jan 07

10 Facts Singapore Bound OFWs Should Know

By OFWguru on Jan 07, 2016

Filipinos have been working in the Lion City of Singapore for decades. Singapore is familiar with Filipinos and Filipinos have been incorporated into the community in a harmonious way. For OFWs looking to work abroad and find jobs in Singapore, here are 10 things to know about Singapore before he... Read more
Jan 18

Top Job Sectors in Dubai

By OFWguru on Jan 18, 2016

Dubai is a city that never stops.  From a quiet outpost in the desert to becoming a world class tourist and business destination, Dubai has transformed itself, and still continues its lightning pace development. Even though Philippines is 4,300 miles away from Dubai, the number of Fi... Read more
Jan 25

Top 5 Financial Goals for OFWs

By Bea Bongat of on Jan 25, 2016

With Php 1.20 trillion in OFW remittances sent last year, it’s puzzling why 1 out of 10 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) remains financially broke. This is according to a 2011 study done by Social Enterprise Development Partnerships Inc. In addition, 80% of OFWs return to the Philippines with... Read more
Feb 03
Dubai is famous for being a tax-free mecca. Tax-free income in Dubai is a dream especially compared to the high taxes faced in the Philippines. A job in Dubai may afford OFWs a higher standard of living, with salaries not levied by income tax; OFWs enjoy the maximum of their salaries with the... Read more
Feb 12

5 Smart Investments for OFWs

By OFWguru on Feb 12, 2016

Working abroad has both its ups and downs. Being based in a different country often leads to a higher salary, a brand new environment, and a newfound mindset that you gained by living away from the Philippines. It’s tempting for an OFW working abroad to feel like they have a ton of money; wal... Read more
Feb 29
There are more than 2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) taking up employment in various parts of the globe – from nearby Singapore to far-flung European nations. Whichever part of the world you’re in, you’re bound to see a small goods store selling local products or a kapwa Pinoy ... Read more
We usually consider OFWs and their families as the well-off individuals in the community. However, little do we know about their struggles while working outside the country or waiting for their loved ones to come home. Yes, the one working abroad earns more than his or her peers here in the c... Read more
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