Jul 28

OFW Success Stories in Business

By OFWguru on Jul 28, 2015

Working abroad is often the hard road taken by Filipinos who seek a brighter life for their families. Being based abroad entails distance from one’s family and friends, having to adapt to a new culture and the difficulty of making a new life for themselves. They are a lot of stories of OFWs who h... Read more
Aug 10

8 Tried and Tested Business Ideas for OFWs

By OFWguru on Aug 10, 2015

Pinoys work abroad in order to earn more and come back to the Philippines. Oftentimes, OFWs have the chance to start fresh and seek for ways to start a business. Business is the primary way for Filipinos not to have to return working for another compan... Read more
Jan 25

Top 5 Financial Goals for OFWs

By Bea Bongat of Moneymax.ph on Jan 25, 2016

With Php 1.20 trillion in OFW remittances sent last year, it’s puzzling why 1 out of 10 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) remains financially broke. This is according to a 2011 study done by Social Enterprise Development Partnerships Inc. In addition, 80% of OFWs return to the Philippines with... Read more
Feb 12

5 Smart Investments for OFWs

By OFWguru on Feb 12, 2016

Working abroad has both its ups and downs. Being based in a different country often leads to a higher salary, a brand new environment, and a newfound mindset that you gained by living away from the Philippines. It’s tempting for an OFW working abroad to feel like they have a ton of money; wal... Read more