Oct 21

How to Avoid an Employment Ban in UAE

By OFWguru on Oct 21, 2015

Switching jobs may be more difficult for expats in the UAE due to certain labor laws. One of these is the employment ban, which prevents expats from easily applying for another job. If an employee wants to leave his present employer without fulfilling a minimum two years of service, he can be pre... Read more
Oct 13
The easiest way for those who want to work in UAE to obtain an Entry Visa is done online. While some may be skeptical on taking an online route when obtaining a visa instead of the regular way done live, the online application can be a more secure, accurate and convenient method. Most important t... Read more
Oct 09

Getting to Know Mompreneur Mitchteryosa

By OFWguru on Oct 09, 2015

Mitch Carvalho is the owner of mitchteryosa.com, a site that features a variety of content such as parenting, OFW stories, beauty and fashion, home improvement and many more. She first created the site to document her first born’s antics and growing years. She is a mompreneur, having 2 lovely dau... Read more
If you plan to workabroad in the UAE or one of the other Gulf countries, you’ve probably heard of the kafala system at some point. In media and among international communities, the term is usually tied to examples of human rights violations. But what exactly is the kafala system, and how does it ... Read more
Sep 28

So You Want to Workabroad?

By OFWguru on Sep 28, 2015

You've made the decision, informed your friends and family and are now just waiting for a call back from an agent for an interview or an actual job offer. You’ve heard the success stories and want to experience the same thing for yourself. However, every successful homecoming hides hardship, and ... Read more
Sep 18

Filipino Guide to Working in UAE

By OFWguru on Sep 18, 2015

The idea of working in the UAE is attractive to a lot of Filipinos. Not only is it one of the largest economies and a thriving center for business, it also has a high demand for migrant workers. At least 80% of the population is composed of emigrants, who are drawn there by the high wage and the ... Read more
Sep 11

Five Red Flags of Illegal OFW Recruitment

By OFWguru on Sep 11, 2015

1. Questionable Money AllocationThere will be a lot of fees that will be presented to you when you are applying to work abroad through an agency; however, the only fee you should pay is a placement fee with an official receipt that is given to you. Take note that the placement fee must be equal t... Read more
Sep 03
It's always daunting to prepare before heading off to your work abroad, especially to a country like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a rich and deep culture that's very different to Philippine culture and for most OFWs, it's a big culture shock when they land in the dry land of Saudi. OFWguru ... Read more
When you enter your plane bound for Dubai, it hits you that Dubai is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. While hunkering down on your seat for the 9 hour flight, you head to the bathroom. You head down the aisle to the end of the plane and meet the faces of countless passengers... Read more
Aug 17

The Beginner’s Guide to Work Abroad

By OFWguru on Aug 17, 2015

Interested to work abroad, but not sure where to begin? The application process may seem confusing at first, but perhaps we can get you started. 1. Research. Are you really prepared to work abroad? It may be tempting to say yes right way, but you may not know enough to make a decision. As with an... Read more
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