Jan 21
OFWguru, which launched last August 2015, is quickly gaining popularity among OFWs and the premier recruitment agencies in the country. It was featured in different news sites and is believed to be the next big thing for OFWs looking for work abroad. It offers a lot of benefits for OFWs such as... Read more
Jan 18

Top Job Sectors in Dubai

By OFWguru on Jan 18, 2016

Dubai is a city that never stops.  From a quiet outpost in the desert to becoming a world class tourist and business destination, Dubai has transformed itself, and still continues its lightning pace development. Even though Philippines is 4,300 miles away from Dubai, the number of Fi... Read more
Jan 07

10 Facts Singapore Bound OFWs Should Know

By OFWguru on Jan 07, 2016

Filipinos have been working in the Lion City of Singapore for decades. Singapore is familiar with Filipinos and Filipinos have been incorporated into the community in a harmonious way. For OFWs looking to work abroad and find jobs in Singapore, here are 10 things to know about Singapore before he... Read more
Have you ever thought of working abroad as an OFW? Does it excite you that not only will you receive a good salary, but you will also experience what life is in another country? On the other hand, you also don’t know what to expect in terms of their culture and way of life, so you aren’t sure if ... Read more
New Zealand is a definite dream destination for most OFWs who are looking to work abroad. Cities like Auckland and Christchurch are a haven for overseas workers, with a well developed city-structure, interesting culture and numerous jobs in New Zealand for Filipino. Why then is New Zealand not at... Read more
Nov 24

10 Interesting Facts about Dubai

By OFWguru on Nov 24, 2015

Dubai is a key destination for most Filipinos looking for workabroad. Filipinos probably heard stories from their family or friends already working there, about the best place to find Pinoy food and where to shop for the best-priced Bench clothes, all very introspective. While you can find tons o... Read more
Nov 20

The Top 4 Job Sectors in Qatar for OFWs

By OFWguru on Nov 20, 2015

Qatar is the fourth-largest destination for Overseas Filipino Workers in the world. With an estimated population of 200,000 Filipinos, job hiring in Qatar can be competitive. Jobs in Qatar have been steadily decreasing due to legal complaints or the lack of new projects for OFWs. 2015 marks a yea... Read more
Nov 11
What OFWs are worthIn 2014, OFWs remitted $26.93 billion mainly from the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. The latest Consumer Expectations Survey showed that the bulk of remittances received by households are used for food and other household ... Read more
Nov 02

Where to get a taste of home in Dubai?

By OFWguru on Nov 02, 2015

Working abroad for a long time can easily make one homesick. We'd miss the comfort of having family and friends around, miss our house, our usual routine, and most especially the food. Pinoys have been raised to be accustomed to the flavors of Filipino food that wherever we go, we always seek our... Read more
Oct 23

The Kwentuhero from the Middle East

By OFWguru on Oct 23, 2015

James de la Cruz, also known as kwentuhero, is the owner of OFW sa Disyerto, a blogspot for OFWs. He is an OFW in the Middle East. He started working abroad when he was 24 and he went through the hardships that many Filipinos living in other countries experience. Despite the hardships, there were... Read more
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