5 Smart Investments for OFWs

Working abroad has both its ups and downs. Being based in a different country often leads to a higher salary, a brand new environment, and a newfound mindset that you gained by living away from the Philippines. It’s tempting for an OFW working abroad to feel like they have a ton of money; wallets are thicker and their paycheck comes in fancy foreign currency. All these changes often make them forget that the goal of leaving their family and go workabroad is to come back home, with a better life in check. Instead of wasting their money away on balikbayan boxes filled with sweets and gifts purchased with their hard-earned money, here are 5 things that OFW’s should be investing in back in the Philippines.


Unlike other parts of the world, the Philippine Real Estate Industry has yet to reach its peak and is only growing upwards. It’s unlikely that your real estate investment will be a dud. With OFWs earning more money and remittances being a prime avenue of Philippine investments, lots of real estate and developers have opened up satellite offices abroad. Paperwork, retrieving details and even viewing sample units can be done live even if you’re working in Dubai or Hong Kong. As big developers are creating new investment-worthy spaces and, along with new developers, expanding the likelihood of investment for every price point, there is certainly something in the real estate industry for you.

Financial Instruments

As banks have become more advanced in the Philippines, investing can be done online for almost every type of financial instrument our banks offer. If you’re more of a risk-taker in investment, investing in stocks is the route to take. Stocks can be monitored and traded via web-channels like COL Financial, with the help of an advisor who will guide you through the different steps. Mutual Funds and Bond investments are for the risk-averse. Many of our banks have consultants who can advise you on the type of investment is best for your goals, as you watch your investment grow.

Health Care

Health Care is the first investment you should make. Health should be the basic need we address first. While some companies already offer their employees health insurance, it’s imperative that the whole family is covered, from the children, grandparents and even relatives who may not be able to afford it. The soaring cost of undergoing treatments and getting a check-up at a hospital is more reason to invest in health insurance. It will not only save a lot of money, but the safety of your family.


A huge reason behind Filipinos heading to a different country to work is to bring about a better life for their family back home. A general need for this to happen is to invest in good education for their kids or younger family members. Education opens up many doors in the Philippines, and the right schools can grant one access to good opportunities. While giving your younger family members new toys or the latest gadgets, give them the gift of education instead.


A major goal of an OFW is to come back to the Philippines. The setback that comes with it is that most OFWs return to the Philippines, but end up having to work heftily in a new job, that probably pays less, and still deals with the same troubles he had prior to his stint abroad. A good way to counter that is to invest in a retirement plan may it be a plan from a financial institution or a business investment. Tons of bank in the Philippines offer personalized retirement plans based on long-term life goals. There’s no time too early to plan for retirement.

Investment may be at the back of most OFW’s minds; however, investment is the key tool for OFWs to come back home without the worry they left behind.

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