5 Instagram Accounts of Pinoys living the #BuhayOFW

It can be difficult living thousands of miles away from your family and friends, but with the ease of social media, you can simply share snapshots of your life with loved ones back home in pertinent detail while working abroad. The rampant use of social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram is the option for most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). It’s become a trend for OFWs to share photos on Instagram, which has become a keyhole for loved ones to take a peek into their new lives and work abroad. The change their new job and local has brought them is documented online for all to see. It’s pretty inspiring to see how much more fruitful their lives have become, especially for a fellow Pinoy. Here are 5 must-follow Instagram accounts of Pinoys who are truly living the #BuhayOFW.

Aries Andal (@ars_andal)

After completing his education here in Manila, Aries Andal relocated to Abu Dhabi to pursue a career as an ICU nurse. He is an epitome of a tourist living in a new country. His Instagram account shares scenic photos of Abu Dhabi from deserts and beaches to everyday life in the city. Social media also serves as a display for his newfound family in Abu Dhabi.

Love Ascano (@d_lovedrose)

Love Ascano lives as exciting life as a flight attendant, shuffling her time between Manila and her new home, Singapore. Her Instagram account is the perfect display of a high-flying life in Singapore. Her photos show her and her posy traveling, partying and enjoying the finer things in life.

Jay Venn (@jayvenn)

Jay Venn is a proud Pinoy group fitness instructor based in Hong Kong. His Instagram account is a veritable mix of travel and fitness photos; however, his life changed when he could finally live how he truly wanted to with his life partner. He has become an advocate for gay rights and an active member of the gay community in Hong Kong, something he could never do in Manila.

Jorge Macuha (@jmacuhao8)

Jorge Macuha is a trained visual merchandiser from Masbate who is currently based in Abu Dhabi. He shares on his Instagram account how exciting the life of a visual merchandiser can be, often traveling and meeting prolific people in the fashion and business industry. His photos reflect how beautiful Abu Dhabi is with travel, food and the iconic #ootd pictures.

Raul Isabel (@raul_isabel)

Self-proclaimed Mr. Obagi is a registered nurse based in Abu Dhabi. Just haven gotten married and is an expecting father, Raul took it to himself to expand his horizons and became a businessmen with what he saved from his job as a nurse. He is in sales for Obagi products and is living the life, constantly traveling, meeting new people and taking care of his growing family.

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